Brunel university london careers

Brunel university london careers

  The Professional Development Centre has a dedicated team of Careers Consultants who work with students throughout their time at Brunel as well as up to two years after they graduate to identify potential career options and to successfully navigate the recruitment process.

Services offered by the Careers team include:

Identifying career options

We will help you to identify career ideas relating to your degree as well as your interests, values, skills and experience. If you have a clear idea of where you want to be, we can work with you to develop industry contacts and source work experience opportunities.

Marketing yourself to employers

We will help you to identify your skills and to articulate these to employers in your CV and applications and through interviews and assessment centres.

Considering postgraduate study

We can help you assess the benefits of postgraduate qualifications as well as support you through the application process, including providing advice about personal statements.

Enhancing your employability

We can advise on how to secure course-related work experience and extra-curricular activity that will enhance your employability as a graduate.

We enjoy strong links with contacts working in a number of industries and professions and we are best placed to ensure you receive information, advice and guidance that meets your individual needs. Our Consultants are all professionally accredited and are constantly researching and updating their areas of expertise. As members of a professional association, the Careers service also has access to a network of guidance practitioners across the country.

Meeting your Careers Consultant

If you are looking for careers advice and guidance there are two ways that you can talk individually with a Careers Consultant; through a Quick Query or a booked appointment.

Quick Query

Quick Query appointments are on a one-to-one basis and last for 15 minutes. A typical discussion often includes the following:

  • CV, application or cover letter checks
  • Course change and transfers
  • Postgraduate study
  • Gap year/work experience activities
  • Ideas about suitable careers

Quick Query appointments are available daily and you can book a time on the day that you would like to see a Consultant. If you live some distance from campus you can book a ‘phone or Skype discussion.

Term-time: 11.00am-3.00pm Monday-Friday.

Vacation: 1.00-3.00pm Monday-Friday

Sessions are covered on a rota basis and you can find out who is on duty in advance.

Please remember:

  • Bring a hard copy of anything you want to get checked
  • Please let us know if you have any special needs and would like some help to make your visit to the PDC easier

If you have a specific inquiry about options related to your subject or would like a little more help, you may find it more useful to book a 30 minute appointment to see the specialist Careers Consultant for your subject.

Brunel university london careers

Longer appointments

These appointments can also be booked online with the Careers Consultant who is responsible for your course. If you’re not able to visit campus you can interact with the Careers Consultant by email, Skype or ‘phone.

Quick Query sessions can offer you a quick way to see your specialist Careers Consultant if you’re not able to book an appointment. Just check to see when they’re next on duty!



Beyond Brunel: be more than your degree – welcome to Brunel+

The Brunel+ Award is designed to give you recognition for the non-academic activities that you participate in during your time at Brunel. Simply record what you do in three of the four categories to earn points. Collect enough points and you will receive a Bronze+, Silver+ or Gold+ Award to demonstrate to employers that you are a well-rounded candidate with skills beyond academia.

To find out more, take a look at the Brunel+ website.

Or email