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Many of the British School of Osteopathy’s clinic tutors are working practitioners who balance running their own clinics with teaching students. If you are considering applying to be a tutor at the BSO and want to know what a working/teaching lifestyle is like, we have asked two of our tutors to describe a typical day.

Sian Roberts, Clinic Tutor

What made you become a Clinic Tutor?
I wanted to give something back to the organisation that trained me and provided such a rewarding learning experience whilst I was a student. A big part of the appeal of the job for me personally is being in a position to facilitate a nurturing learning environment which enables students to grow and develop their skills as modern practitioners.

What clinic do you work in (general/specialist)?
I work in the general clinic on a Tuesday.

How do you start your day?
The first order of the day is to ensure that the students all know where they need to be and ensure that everyone is correctly attired so as to present a professional image to BSO patients. Schedules and patient lists are checked and teams are briefed on an ongoing basis.

What are the main day to day tasks and responsibilities required of a BSO Clinic Tutor?
The main day to day focus of the job is to ensure a high level of patient care whilst also facilitating a high quality clinical experiential learning environment for students. Quite a balancing act! Individual support for students is crucial, as we treat a broad array of different patients, each with their own presenting symptoms and treatment requirements.

What aspects of the job do you find challenging/rewarding?
The most rewarding aspect of the job is also the most challenging – that of providing individual, tailored support to any student who is struggling and finding an appropriate way of enabling their own learning style to adapt to the demands of the clinical environment. I get a real sense of achievement from seeing students blossom as they progress and develop their professional skills, putting all the theory they have learnt into practice. Seeing the students’ confidence in themselves as practitioners grow and grow as they progress through the course for me is a fantastic added bonus of the job.