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General Clinic

British School of Osteopathy Treatment, Our General Clinic runs every weekday and welcomes patients with a broad range of conditions.

Osteopathic treatment at the General Clinic is provided by student osteopaths in their third and fourth years of study, although students in other years may observe. Each student osteopath works with a small team of clinic tutors. Our clinic tutors provide supervision and ensure that diagnosis and treatment is safe and effective for patients.

Clinic times: Monday-Friday, 08:40 – 18:30
Appointment fee: £25 / £13 (concessions) / £19 (community partners)

Demonstration Clinic

Appointments during our Demonstration Clinic are delivered by an experienced, qualified tutor and observed by BSO student osteopaths as part of their clinical development.

Clinic times: Friday afternoon
Appointment fee: £30

What our patients say

“I have been in receipt of osteopathic treatment from the BSO since it was based at Suffolk Street, off Trafalgar Square in the 1980s. Most recently I have been successfully treated for a neck problem: I am now completely free of pain and discomfort. I am very pleased to recommend the BSO.”
Maurice Soffa, BSO patient.

“I was very impressed with the professionalism of the students and with the standard of care that they provided. I was immediately at ease and felt in the very best of hands given the quality of the students coupled with the detailed supervision provided by the tutors. What better way to solve my aches and pains than to be treated by people educated in the latest techniques, supporting the development of talented people and at an extremely competitive price.”
Siobhan Sheridan, BSO patient.