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British School of Osteopathy Pilates, Pilates was pioneered by Joseph Pilates last century. He developed from a sickly child to a strong, fit adult by using an exercise programme inspired by his athletic father.

Pilates is a form of exercise underpinned by a philosophy for living. There are many different Pilates methods, most adhere to a number of principles, that often include co-ordination, centering, breathing, precision, control and flow. More information can be found at the link on the right, history of pilates.

Today Pilates is worldwide, with over 11 million people practicing this around the world, it often makes headlines when famous people like, Pippa Middleton, Madonna and Olympic Athletes promote it’s benefits.

Pilates is an ever evolving method of movement technology, which uses the latest knowledge of bio-mechanics to shape the technical movements used in the exercise classes.

We sometimes forget that we are mammals and our bodies need exercising. Having a sedentary office or computer based lifestyle can, over time, have a range of unhelpful affects on our bodies, especially if a balance is not struck with taking a regular range of exercises and our daily work.

Pilates is one system designed to redress this balance.

Whether you are at school, a professional athlete, disabled, a business woman, a mother or retired,
there will be many benefits to you from doing Pilates Classes with a qualified teacher.

For your overall well being – keep active every day.

Pilates Peace classes starts with a gentle form of Pilates leading into more challenging exercises.

Please note classes run during term time only; there is no class during August.