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BSO’s Osteopathy for People with HIV/AIDS Gains Continued Funding

BSO provision of free osteopathic treatment for people with HIV/AIDS has this month (June 2008) received vital continued funding.

Peter Moores Foundation, a key BSO supporter, has given £20,000 towards the work of BSO clinics for people with HIV/AIDS.

Since 2001, the BSO has been running a free treatment programme called the Chapman Clinic for HIV positive patients. This now runs from the BSO’s new clinical centre on Southwark Bridge Road: anyone with HIV/AIDS may refer themselves to the Chapman Clinic for treatment. Senior BSO tutor Paul Blanchard leads the care team as well as researching musculo-skeletal problems in people with HIV. He and his team have also, since 2005, run a free weekly osteopathy service for people with HIV/AIDS at the Ian Charleson Day Centre at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North West London.

“We are thrilled that the Peter Moores Foundation continues to recognise the excellent osteopathic care that our teams provide to people with HIV/Aids, and we are extremely grateful that their continued financial support enables us to maintain this service,” says Charles Hunt, BSO Principal and Chief Executive.

Treatment at the BSO Chapman Clinic and at the Ian Charleson Day Centre is provided by student osteopaths. They are supervised and supported by tutors who are qualified osteopaths, and who have a specialist interest in HIV/AIDS, drug therapies, associated pathologies, musculo-skeletal conditions and complications associated with HIV/AIDS. Osteopathic treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS can bring great improvements in quality of life by addressing musculo-skeletal dysfunction. It also complements the drug therapies used to manage HIV/AIDS and may help in coping with the side effects they can bring.

Robin, a regular visitor to the BSO Chapman Clinic says: “The BSO Chapman Clinic is a vital element of my care and is essential to my health and well being. The problems for which I need osteopathy were not caused by, but have been greatly impacted by HIV. The treatment specific to the Chapman Clinic gives me a range of mobility I would not otherwise have and allows me the opportunity to cope much better with a complex chronic illness. In addition to either alleviating overwhelming pain or maintaining my ability to function at a reasonable level the treatment also helps prevent a substantial amount of everyday pain control medication from being significantly higher.

“As a regular patient over a number of years I am always heartened by the warmth and friendliness of the reception staff who never fail to be as helpful as possible. An outstanding factor of my experience is the excellence and expertise of the Chapman Clinic supervising tutors. They are consistent in their approach with incredible sensitivity and encouragement. Under their well-informed guidance I have received exemplary treatment from many remarkable and gifted students. Together they create a holistic and safe environment where the proven results greatly enhance the quality of my life — the standard of care and understanding achieved in the process throughout is second to none”
• To book treatment at the BSO Chapman Clinic please call 020 7089 5360 or click here to email clinic >>

• For more information about the work of the Peter Moores Foundation, please visit: