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By | 2nd May 2017

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British School of Osteopathy Bone

British School of Osteopathy Bone, BONE is the Virtual Learning Environment used by the School.  BONE stands for Bso ONline Environment and is an implementation of MOODLE.  (Cf )


You login to BONE using your normal network username and password.  BONE is accessible from here: Enter Online learning                 Once you go to this page:
In the top right hand corner of the page click on “Login” which will open the BONE Login Page. Enter your network Username and Password into the relevant boxes and click on the “Login” button to access BSO learning resources and course information.
Any student enquiries or suggestions about BONE should be emailed to BONE Student Request
Any staff enquiries or suggestions about BONE should be emailed to BONE Staff Request.

Guidance for BSO Faculty

If you require editing rights (i.e. are a tutor for a particular subject and intend to upload learning material for students) you will need to log in as explained above in order for you to be assigned editing permissions. Please email me (at BONE Staff Request) detailing the years, modes and names of the courses for which you need editing permissions at your earliest convenience–straight after you have logged into BONE.
Use of BONE
Teachers at the BSO are expected to use BONE to make their course materials available to the students that they are teaching.
Many useful documents about how to use forums, create courses and more can be found on the following links: