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Osteopaths are a friendly bunch and BSO graduates in particular are well-known for keeping in touch on a social and professional level throughout their lives.

When you graduate from the BSO, you will automatically have access to the benefits available to all of our alumni:

  • The chance to join our alumni website, BSO Connect, where you can look for jobs, find a mentor and share your memories of the BSO
  • 10% discount on all BSO CPD courses – just let us know when booking your place
  • Information about new CPD and postgraduate courses through our weekly newsletter, as well as access to early bird deals on top of your 10% discount
  • Termly updates via our newsletter, In Touch, and the chance to suggest stories and items to include
  • Access to the BSO library; email Head Librarian, Will Podmore, to find out more about opening hours
  • Invitations to events, whether they’re for fundraising or social purposes
  • Access to your First Class account and the Alumni Professional conference so you can discuss difficult patients, new research or work opportunities

Many of our students come to study at the BSO after receiving treatment from osteopaths and deciding that they would like to change profession. If you have any patients who express interest in becoming an osteopath, we can provide you with packs of leaflets and posters about the profession and where your career can take you. Please email our Marketing Officer, Lauren Grest, to find out more.