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BPP University Waterloo Accommodation

Compare the best student rooms available near BPP University London (Waterloo). Live with fellow students in properties designed for student life in London. Get 100% free booking with Student.com. As a BPP University student you will get help to find the right place to stay during your studies. There are a variety of options available for you depending on the length of your stay and your personal preferences. All details are available in our accommodation guide which you can download from our website

Halls of residence

Large blocks of student accommodation are called ‘halls of residence’ in the UK. These are made up of self-contained rooms, some with their own bathroom and kitchen, others with shared facilities. BPP University does not have its own halls of residence, however there are a number of providers we work with across the country, including the following:

London Nest

London Nest is an accommodation provider that offers high-quality rooms for short-term lets (minimum one week) in London. This is a good option for international students who want somewhere to stay when they first arrive in London while looking for somewhere more permanent to live. For more information, please visit londonnest.com

Home Stay

(Currently available in London, Manchester and Bristol)

Home Stay, where students live with a UK family, is a popular choice for overseas students visiting the UK. Students choose this form of accommodation because it offers a family atmosphere and a good chance to practice English while learning about the British way of life. You are not simply renting a room, you can expect to be treated as one of the family.

This is a good option for international students looking for comfortable, safe accommodation for a short period of time until you find something more permanent. Hosts International, a home stay provider we work with, can also provide home stays for a longer duration if required. You can book online from your home country, with Hosts International picking you up from the airport and taking you to your accommodation, ensuring your arrival is smooth, safe and stress-free.

Home Stay weekly prices, based on one person, range from £130 for B&B (bed and continental breakfast); £170 for half-board (bed, continental breakfast and evening meal) and £145 for self-catering (room only and the student purchases their own food and can use the family kitchen). For twin/double occupancy, prices range per person from £120 for B&B, £150 for half-board and £135 for self-catering.

For more information on all accommodation options please email accommodation@bpp.com or visit the BPP Students Association.