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Welcome to your online induction for ACCA P2 at the BPP Reading, Birmingham and Manchester study centres. Our aim is to give you the best chance of exam success. With this in mind, we’ve outlined everything you need to know in order to plan your studies effectively.


At BPP, what you learn in the classroom is just the start of your studies. At the end of each day your tutor will usually set homework, but in addition to this, you should spend some time in the evening reviewing the topics covered during the day. This is important to consolidate your understanding of what has been covered and to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Are there any opportunities to recap what I’ve learned?
You can supplement and consolidate your studies, and recap the day’s lessons, through our virtual learning environment.

Am I expected to study between my taught and revision courses?
You are expected to continue studying between the taught and revision course, as tutors will not ‘re-teach’ the material in the revision classes. As a general guide, after the taught course you should be aiming to spend between 10 and 15 hours a week on your ACCA studies.

What support is available if I need help with my studies?
If at any point you feel that you are struggling or something happens that may jeopardise your exam success, it is imperative that you contact either the KPMG Professional Qualifications Team or one of your BPP tutors (contact details below) for support.

KPMG Professional Qualifications Team contacts:


Pre course work must be completed by Monday 26th March at 12 pm.

As it will have been over twelve months since studying F7, a review of the key areas of F7 would be very useful for this paper. Ensure that your review incorporates:

  • Group accounting
  • Financial Instruments
  • Deferred tax
  • Accounting for leases
  • Statements of cash flow
  • Tangibles and intangibles

If you had an exemption from F7 please review your university materials covering the above subjects.

This self refresh work is facilitated by the BPP online learning environment which contains F7 chapters which are directly relevant assumed knowledge and a Test of Assumed Knowledge. All students are expected to attempt this test which comprises 27 questions worth 50 marks. A percentage result is provided on completion, along with a brief rationale for the answers which students can review if they have got their answer incorrect. KPMG will be informed of the result gained.


Our tutors do everything they can to give you the best chance of passing your exams. This is demonstrated by our pass rates, which are significantly higher than the ACCA average.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you can during class. However, if you prefer, you can talk to your tutor before or after class, during a break or lunch, or by email using the contact details below. The most important thing is to ask!

How to contact your tutor


You attend four days of taught and five days of revision for this paper. On your first day at BPP you’ll be given all your study materials. For details of what you’ll receive and further details of how classes are structured, download your full induction pack (PDF, 680KB).

 P2 Course Type  Date  Time
Taught 2, 3, 4, and 5 April 2012 9am to 4.15pm
Revision 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12 June 2012 9am to 4.15pm
ACCA Written Exam 19 June 2012 To be advised


  • BPP Reading study centre details | Client contact: Ellen Barnes (01189 028 660)
  • BPP Birmingham study centre details | Client contact: Martin Potts (0121 237 3805)
  • BPP Manchester study centre details | Client contact: Emma Vincent (0161 224 6353)



You will receive taught course exams as part of your study pack. Students will sit Course Exam 1 in their own time and must submit this to BPP for marking by an agreed deadline. Exam 2 is tackled after the end of the course under exam conditions. A summary of submission dates is provided below, but for more details about exam locations and submissions download your full induction pack (PDF, 680KB).

Submission dates and details
Course Exam 1 Due by Monday 23 April 2012
Course Exam 2 To be sat on Friday 11 may 2012 at BPP or your local office
Mock Exam To be sat on Wednesday 13 June 2012 at BPP


P2 teaches you how to evaluate financial reporting principles and practices. It builds on the knowledge gained in papers F3 and F7, and you will be given online access to BPP’s Assumed Knowledge resources for F7, to help you get back up to speed.

The syllabus covers:

  • Professional and ethical duty of the accountant
  • Financial reporting framework
  • Reporting the financial performance of entities
  • Financial statements of groups of entities
  • Specialised entities
  • Implications of changes in accounting regulation on financial reporting
  • Appraisal of financial performance and position of entities

You will find full syllabus detail in your induction pack. You can find past papers, exam tips and reviews on the ACCA website.