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BPP University Interview Questions

When it comes to a job interview, declining the opportunity to ask questions can be something of a risk and can make you appear passive or uninterested to some interviewers.

If done subtly, there is no harm in using your questions to reinforce your merits as a candidate. There’s a good chance some of the questions you plan on asking will have already been answered, so it’s a good idea to prepare a bank or around five or six questions to select from when needed.

Here is a selection of some things you could ask:

1. What do you think distinguishes this company from its competitors?

Opening with this question shows you are looking at the bigger picture and the reputation and success of the organisation are important to you.

2. How has the company changed since you started worked here?

This demonstrates an interest in the company’s achievements and that you care about where it’s headed.

3. How would you describe the company culture and management style?

You are someone who takes management seriously and are keen to fit with the company culture by adapting your working style to those around you.

4. Is this a new position? If not, what did the previous employee go on to do?

Show off your ambition; you’re looking to build a career within the organisation and want to add value.

5. Where does the job fit into the team structure?

You might have already mentioned that you are a ‘team player’; even so there’s no harm in reinforcing this.

6. What would you say are the three most important skills needed to excel in this position?

This question can help to remind your interviewer that you possess many of the skills needed for the job and that you are a strong candidate.

7. What opportunities for training/CPD do you offer?

A classic question, which highlights your own capacity and desire for professional development.

8. In what way is performance measured and reviewed?

Show you appreciate the importance of delivering consistent, measurable results. You are someone who strives to meet the company’s standards, rather than their own.

9. Do you have any concerns about me or about my qualifications that may prevent you from selecting me for the job?

Willingly opening yourself up to criticism demonstrates self-awareness and a capacity for taking feedback on board.

10. What’s the next step and when do you plan to make a decision?

A good question to end on; it shows you are serious about the position, though you may also have other options open to you.

A final point: whichever questions you decide to ask, make sure to consider the culture of the company you are applying to as well as the people sitting across from you. Always stick to ‘safer’ questions if you are worried about crossing any boundaries.