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Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

“My main reason for choosing to study in the UK was to ensure I would secure a good job once I graduated. That is why I chose to do the Academic and Career Skills Module alongside my MSc Management.

BPP University has been really helpful for careers and professional education. I have had help developing my CV and building business confidence. They arrange lots of different careers events and help us to get professional experience as part of this module.

I think that BPP University is a great university and I would recommend it to other students as the perfect university for careers.”

Mohammad Rafiqul Islam,
Bangladesh, MSc Management with
Academic and Career Skills Module



Johan Ortiz

“BPP University offers both very affordable fees and excellent connections with the outside world. In addition, there are guest lectures almost every week from people who “know their business”.

I want to work in finance so I was looking for a university with strong connections with the financial world and I was told BPP University trained employees from Lloyds Bank. Moreover, we are located in the financial heart of London which really gives us an advantage with companies around us. I would recommend BPP University, because of the good quality of teaching, value for money and great locations.

The tutors here are really approachable and friendly. They have helped me develop my professional skills and have made me more confident by encouraging participation in class. The modules are relevant to my chosen industry and have been extremely helpful. The Careers Service has also helped me tailor my CV and cover letters with detailed feedback. I didn’t have a CV prior to coming here and now I am confident with showing my CV to a possible employer. If I could describe BPP University in 3 words I would say “well worth joining!”

Johan Ortiz,
BSc (Hons) Business Management,



Benezir Amein

I chose to come to BPP University because of the structure of the modules and I believe there is a greater level of independence when it comes to your studies. Before coming to BPP University I was concerned about how prepared I was to study Psychology at degree level. BPP University has allayed these worries as I have been provided with a wide range of materials to ensure I reach my maximum potential.

The tutors are very clear about the expectation of you throughout the course and teach you how to be more effective in your studies. I have a better understanding and know what sort of achievements I need to succeed. BPP University has given me opportunities to expand my skills such as public speaking and communication and also allowed me to represent my year and get involved with decision-making processes concerning my subjects.

Benezir Amein,
BSc (Hons) Psychology



Ahmad Alsadhan

I chose to come to BPP University because the combination of learning experiences (both academic and practical) placed BPP University ahead of other universities. The great reputation it has in providing a professionally-focused education in law and the level of experience it has in this field have not disappointed.

My aspiration is to become a successful lawyer and clearly to do this you need to master law, both academically and practically, which BPP University supports. I now feel more confident tackling legal problems.

The tutors are very knowledgeable. Most of them are legal practitioners, which exposed us to the practical side of law. They are always eager to help and happy to answer questions relating to the topic in an easy and comprehensive manner. I would definitely recommend BPP University. The standard of education is extraordinarily high. Not only will they help you to excel in the examinations and assessments but they will give you the relevant information needed in practice.

If I could describe BPP University in three words they would be “Excellent, Reputable and Extraordinary’’

Ahmad Alsadhan,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
LLB (Hons) Accelerated



Peichao Yan

What Bpp impressed me most at the first place is their efforts to develop students’ professional skills. Teaching is not the only thing they do. Bpp also focuses on helping students to build a firm career foundation based on what they learn here. Moreover, the combination of pre-lecture webinar and seminar is really an inspiring way of teaching.

Unlike general public universities, students here can communicate freely with lecturers about what they don’t understand and lectures never get bored of answering questions after seminars. Also, assistance from tutors, module leaders and advice office is always available at anytime.

I had a very good time studying with Bpp since last September. I am sure learning with the Professional Accounting programme will help me to build a promising career future.

Peichao Yan,
BSc (Hons) Professional Accounting



Lola Jagun

I chose BPP University because I was attracted to the range of courses the university offered, and was drawn to the location of the university. I wanted to study in the city and was inspired by the big corporations, which surrounded the university. At BPP University, there is a professional atmosphere, all of the lectures have vast experiences from different industries and the lectures are able to form a professional relationship with the students.

The rooms are designed for interactive learning and there are a lot of supporting materials offered to the students. I would recommend BPP University to other students because you are valued as a student and the lectures/tutors offer a substantial amount of support to help students with their studies.

All the tutors are welcoming, understanding and patient. They recognize that each student has their strength and weaknesses, and are able to tailor their teaching so that everyone has a clear understanding of the subject. They are able to use real life relatable examples to give all the students a deeper understanding of the topic. The tutors have always offered extra support and are always open to being contacted via email if extra support is needed.

BPP has helped me progress through their support and materials offered to students. They invite guest speakers from different industries who give helpful insights into how they have become successful within their field. These speakers help contribute towards my progress as it helps to keep me motivated. If I could describe BPP University in three words, they would be Professional, supportive and diverse.

Lola Jagun,
BSc (Hons) Business Management student



Moral Sherzad

What makes BPP University special is being taught by professionals. There is no better way to be taught the law than by a lawyer. BPP University’s staff can teach you what you need to know for life in practice, something books cannot always do. That’s what makes BPP University different!

The materials provided make it very clear what work has to be completed that week and allows you to for-see your workload weeks in advance. The tutors also give you advice at the end of every class to help for the following weeks preparation. The tutors are really approachable. They go above and beyond to answer any queries you have before, during and after classes, by telephone, email and in person. Not only that, they have experience of life in practice and that is what sets them and BPP apart. The content of the courses are centred on how the law is applied in practice. The teaching methods and content prepare you for life in practice.

Moral Sherzad,
LLM Professional Legal Practice student



Eugene Tang

I enjoyed my time at BPP University. The support on the LPC is one of the main reasons to do the course at BPP University, the teaching is focused. The training materials and On-line Blackboard learning system are excellent – the system has all materials that we need.

The goal for every student coming out of the LPC is to obtain a training contract with a firm of solicitors. BPP University’s Career Services assist their students all the way not only arranging law firm’s visits but also helping us to prepare for the interview. The fact that there is a small number of people on the Small Group Sessions is would be a great advantage, you get to know your tutors and your fellow students really well, which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable year on this course.

I believe that BPP University’s Law Schol is the best law school to provide legal practice training that we need to practise and succeed on a global scale.

Eugene Tang
Legal Practice Course (LPC)