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Examinations and Assessments for Students with a Learning Difficulty or Disability

If you have a learning difficulty or disability then you may be entitled to reasonable adjustments in your examinations and assessments. You will need to contact the Learning Support Service to arrange this and a Learning Support Agreement. With your consent the Learning Support team will then inform the exams team who will implement the agreed reasonable adjustments.

Please note that there are deadlines for the application for reasonable adjustments in examinations.

The Learning Support Office will not be able to process applications for exam adjustments which are submitted unreasonably late. We are unable to process requests within 1 month of the date of the assessment. This is to ensure that resources, exam schedules, rooming, allocation of equipment are planned well in advance to ensure the best possible experience and outcome for you.

Exams should be a fair test of your knowledge and what you are able to demonstrate. For some students, the usual exam format may not be suitable and if this is the case, adjustments can be made. These adjustments aren’t designed to make exams easier, or to give students with disabilities a head start; they just level the playing field by ensuring you have a fair chance at the assessment as much as other students.

Examples of the Reasonable Adjustments in Examinations and Assessments

  • Extra time during examinations
  • Rest breaks to allow you to stretch or move around
  • Modified exam papers (coloured paper, larger font, PDF or Word versions etc)
  • Low Occupancy rooms.
  • Use of a computer, modified key board, CCTV scanner, assistive technology and software.
  • Ergonomic support, such as adjustable chairs, gel wrist rests, mouse pads etc.
  • Alternative forms of assessment: In some instances we can offer alternative forms of assessment; this depends on your personal circumstances and the learning outcomes or competency standards for your programme.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

We have a range of support and guidance available if you find the experience of examinations and assessment stressful. Please contact anyone in Learning Support so we can work with you and find the right support for you.