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Studying for the BDOS (Hons) will take place in the new BPP University Dental Institute in Birmingham. This innovative, brand new dental facility provides an ideal environment and the latest equipment for training in the most contemporary dental techniques – in both simulated and real patient care situations. Facilities in the BPP University Dental Institute include:

  • Newly built teaching and seminar rooms
  • A fully functioning dental clinic optimised for learning, including new specialist dental chairs and tools
  • Advanced phantom head simulators
  • Enhanced video equipment
  • State-of-the-art digital radiography and 3D imaging technology
  • Digital dentistry equipment for taking impressions and designing prosthetics

The Bachelor in Dental and Oral Sciences (Hons) (BDOS) from BPP University School of Health will provide you with the theory, together with the practical and clinical training, you will need to succeed in a career as a dental therapist. The programme is also ideal if you are considering becoming a dental hygienist or, with further study, a dentist.

You will be trained to proficiently carry out the role of a dental therapist including routine treatments such as simple fillings, applying fluoride and taking x-rays. You will develop clinical expertise in a simulated setting before undertaking patient care.

This undergraduate degree programme will provide you with an excellent foundation in the knowledge and skills required for this in-demand role and will encourage you to work independently, preparing you for practice as a dental therapist with direct access to patients.

The Bachelor in Dental and Oral Sciences (Hons) degree is awarded by BPP University*


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