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Funding Available

There are two types of funding that could be available to students studying at BU; UK Government support and BU support.

UK Government Support – This is most commonly in the form of a student loan or student grant. You can apply for a tuition fee loan, used only to pay for your course fees for university, or a maintenance loan, designed to help you with the cost of living while at university.

BU Support – There are also potential opportunities for funding support through BU in the form of a scholarship or bursary.

We can also provide information about receiving funding for full and part time students and information for NHS funded students.

Other resources

In addition to mainstream Government and BU funds, it is possible to receive further support from external trusts, charities and grants. Find out where you can look up relevant funding to your situation. We also strongly recommend that you visit the Students’ Union money advice webpage where you can read about general budgeting tips and advice on how to make your funds go further.

Financial hardship

AskBU and SUBU are here to help if you are having any money worries, no matter whether they be a very short-term lack of funds or alternatively longer-term issues. There are various types of hardship funding available from BU including the small emergency grant, emergency loan and the BU hardship fund. If you have any queries about student finance you can visit AskBU or SUBU Advice for more information.

Note: Financial help can be based on circumstances and you may not be entitled to all funding help options.