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The Doctor of Professional Practice (D.Prof) is a journey of personal and professional development which enables individuals to use their experience and knowledge from practice to inform their study. The focus of the D.Prof study is likely to come from your own personal experience and desire to explore or understand an aspect further in order to develop care or services.

The D.Prof course will incorporate the four interlinked elements of:

  • Research
  • Practice development
  • Literature review
  • Personal narrative

Via your practice-focused study you will develop a vision of what to focus on and why and how it can be explored.

Your independent learning will be supported by six – nine facilitated days a year which involved group learning and support, topic sessions linked to the study milestones and research and supervision.

Via nurtured scholarship and membership of a small class of six to eight students, you will engage in peer and group supervision regularly throughout each year. The focus will be on developing your personal narratives and conceptual framework to guide practice in the caring professions. This will be informed by principles of humanisation and upholding the values of what it means to be human, developed at Bournemouth University by Galvin & Todres.

From year two you will have two supervisors who will enable the development and progression of your research and practice development elements, as well as providing support through the ups and downs of the D.Prof journey. You also benefit from learning with and from each other within an interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning community.

Our DProf course is deisgned for health and social care professionals from a range of backgrounds including:

  • Lecturer practitioners who have completed masters studies
  • Practitioners aspiring to be a nurse, midwifery or therapy consultants
  • Service leaders and managers from a variety of health and social care organisations including general practitioners, psychotherapists and counsellors, and educationalists.

Programme specification

Programme specifications provide definitive records of the University’s taught degrees in line with Quality Assurance Agency requirements. Every taught course leading to a BU Award has a programme specification which describes its aims, structure, content and learning outcomes, plus the teaching, learning and assessment methods used.

Download the programme specification for Doctor of Professional Practice Health and Social Care.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the programme specification, the information is liable to change to take advantage of exciting new approaches to teaching and learning as well as developments in industry. If you have been unable to locate the programme specification for the course you are interested in, it will be available as soon as the latest version is ready. Alternatively please contact us for assistance.