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Bournemouth University Arts

We are very proud to be able to offer such a wide variety of visual art at Bournemouth University. We hope it enriches the campuses environment but also the wellbeing of our students, staff and local community.

Permanent art at BU

BU is proud to be able to host an established collection of art that is now recognised of being of national importance.

Over the years, Art at BU has purchased a number of artwork for the BU Permanent Art Collection, enabling BU to display substantial and reputable works on the Campus. We now have a fine display of both internal and external sculptures that greatly enhance the environment of the university for all.

  • The sculpture, in Douglas Fir timber by Keith Rand – Commissioned in 2007 and installed on the external wall, right of the entrance to the Thomas Hardy Suite during March 2008.
  • Wind Stone – Earth and Sky by Koichi Ishino – The prominent sculpture in stainless steel and black granite, was gifted by the Fine Family Foundation and is now on site in the Sir Michael Cobham Library courtyard.
  • We also have a growing collection, on both Talbot and Lansdowne campus, of paintings, drawings and prints that include works by Vanessa Gardiner, Anthony Hedgecock, Brian Graham, Martyn Brewster, Jeremy Gardiner, Peter Joyce, Richard Devereux and the late Alastair Michie, George Dannatt and John Liddell.

Special collections

John Liddell (1924-2005)

Printmaker/Artist/Teacher & Founder of Poole Printmakers. His wood engravings and linocuts, often highly coloured and alive with wit and observation, captured the buildings, coast, countryside and day-to-day life of his surroundings. Most were produced in his studio at his home in Bournemouth, on his two antique Albion presses.

  • A collection of John Liddell’s relief printmaking has been generously gifted to Bournemouth University by his family. We are extremely grateful to his sons Adam and Ben Liddell and his daughter Mary Finn for this very generous collection that we can all enjoy.
  • These works now form part of the BU Permanent Art Collection and can be viewed free of charge as part of the Public Art Collection, hung in the Poole House Reception area on Talbot Campus.
  • Further prints are still available to purchase from the archive.