Bournemouth University 80 Credit Rule

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Bournemouth University 80 Credit Rule

This page contains guidance as to how to appeal a mark you are not happy with. This document should be read in conjunction with:

11A – Academic Appeals: Policy and Procedure for Taught Awards.

If you would like to discuss your individual circumstances, appealing on a research programme, and/or any of the information below, then contact us for an appointment.

When can I appeal?

You can appeal the mark of an assessment once you have had your final results transcript for the academic year. You have 10 working days from the publication date of your results to submit an appeal. If you wish to query a grade before you get your transcript then we advise you first seek feedback from the marker, or relevant faculty staff. If you remain unhappy with the mark then you can book to see a SUBU Advice Worker to discuss your case and consider what options are available to you.

On what grounds can I appeal?

If you feel your grade was not just or you feel an error has occurred, then you may wish to appeal your mark/s. However, an academic appeal can only be considered on the grounds of one of the following:

  1. there has been a material irregularity or significant administrative error in the assessment process;
  2. the assessment was not conducted in accordance with the regulations for the programme;
  3. a student’s performance in assessment has been affected by illness or other factors which, for valid reason(s), s/he was unable to divulge before the meeting of the Assessment Board (see 6J – Mitigating Circumstances including Extensions: Policy and Procedure) (NB Any Appeal for mitigating circumstances to be considered should always be supported by appropriate formal evidence, e.g. GP letter);
  4. bias or the perception of bias in the assessment process / consideration of the Appeal

What if I don’t have grounds?