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Postgraduate and Professional Graduate PGCE (Primary)

This full-time, one-year course or, up to 2 year, part time course includes both school based experiences and sessions at the university with a strong focus on integrating theory and practice.

At least 120 days will be based in schools. School placements are carefully structured to ensure gradual development of your confidence as an effective teacher through building up experiences working with university based mentors and school based mentors.

Training for those on the 3-7 route also includes study of the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) there is experience in age phases adjacent to your chosen age phase as part of your training.

Programme UCAS Code
PGCE Primary 3-7 full-timeX125
PGCE Primary 3-7 flexible route2NP6
PGCE Primary 7-11 full-timeX175
PGCE Primary 7-11 flexible route2NP7

At present, you can choose to train in the 7-11 or 3-7 age phase but this is likely to be changing for September 2017 to 3-7 and 5-11. Please use the current codes and you will be notified if the change is agreed later in the academic year. You will be trained to teach all National Curriculum subjects.


Postgraduate and Professional Graduate PGCE (Secondary)

Teachers trained by the university present as confident and effective practitioners, who are valued by their employing schools‘ (Ofsted 2015).

On this course you will spend two thirds of the year in partner schools and other educational settings gaining rich and varied experiences designed to support meeting the standards for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Working with peers, tutors and school-based colleagues, you will develop your abilities to promote effective learning among 11-16 or 14-19 year olds. You will also have opportunities to gain experience of the key stages before and after the ones in which you will qualify.