Bishop Grosseteste University Matriculation

Bishop Grosseteste University Matriculation

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A Matriculation Ceremony is held annually to welcome all new students to Bishop Grosseteste University. Matriculation is the term used to describe students’ formal entry into the University and is described in the University’s Regulations as “the act of placing a student’s name upon the matricula or roll of members of the University.”

BGU Matriculation ceremony will be held in Lincoln Cathedral on Monday 9 October 2017 at 3.30pm.

The Venue

Because of our roots in the Diocese of Lincoln and our links with Lincoln Cathedral, the ceremony will be held in the magnificent setting of Lincoln Cathedral. For most students, the next time they attend a major event in their life and that of the University in Lincoln Cathedral will be at their graduation.

Ceremony Information

Unless your schools are making special arrangements for you to meet up before the ceremony, we are asking all first year students to make their way to the Cathedral and be seated no later than 3:00pm.

Student Dress

Students are encouraged to dress smartly to attend this formal ceremony and have the option to hire black undergraduate and postgraduate gowns at a cost of £18. Postgraduate students may wear a plain black gown at the same price or appropriate academic dress if they wish at a special one off price for this event.

The Ceremony

All newly enrolled students must be seated by 3.00pm  and the ceremony starts with entry of the procession. The Dean of Lincoln welcomes students to the Cathedral and the Matriculation Roll is formally endorsed by the Registrar Secretary on behalf of the University. The Vice-Chancellor will admit the students to the University and invites all students to ‘share the hand of friendship’ and all shake hands with each other. This is followed by speeches from the Vice Chancellor, Students’ Union President, and Dean of Chapel and Chaplain. Every student will be presented with a Matriculation badge during the ceremony.