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Library Services

The Library is a truly communal space where students from all programmes come to study, gather information and seek advice & guidance. We are open seven days a week and offer a number of study environments and facilities, generous loan entitlements, high quality support from trained information professionals, plus a wide variety of print and electronic learning resources, including over 140,000 physical materials and thousands more journals and ebooks.

We promote library resources, services and facilities through our comprehensive LibGuides site and social media, and actively encourage reading for pleasure through initiatives such as Blind Date with a Book and Rewarding Reads. We maintain close ties with the student body via the Students’ Union, student reps and our student shelvers

Members of the BGU community are able to borrow, reserve and renew books and other materials as well as make use of our document supply services such as inter-library loan. There is a self-service machine for book loans, a drop box for returning books when the library is closed, and you receive an automated emails a few days before any loans are due back. For more information on how to use these services, our borrowing entitlements and requesting additional resources, please click here to be taken to our LibGuides site.

There are numerous study spaces around the building, the majority of which include a power supply for laptop use:

Social Study Suite
This suite is designed for group and collaborative work and incorporates five large seminar rooms.

Silent Study Suite
This suite is for those who wish to work in silence and incorporates four study booths.

24/7 IT Suite
This suite is just inside the Cornerstone Building and has 24 computers for 24 hour use.

Our other IT facilities include 60 fixed computers, printer-copiers, specialist finishing equipment, and free Wi-Fi access throughout the building.