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City South Campus in Edgbaston, to the south of the City Centre, is home to our health and social care courses. Our students learn in the most realistic settings – from a mock operating theatre and hospital wards to a fully equipped birthing room and virtual radiotherapy suite. Our City South Campus consists of three buildings, Seacole Building, Bevan House and Ravensbury House all within close proximity of each other.

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Following a £30 million refurbishment, the Seacole Building was opened in 2006, and won a Built in Quality award from Birmingham City Council in 2007.

In September 2011, the completion of a £2 million teaching wing meant all health and social care students became based at City South Campus.

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the City South Campus with our 360º panoramas. Click on the target symbols to move to another location. Check your location by clicking on the ‘Show Information’ button.


The creation of our new suite of courses in sport and life sciences is one of the most exciting developments at Birmingham City University in recent years.

The £41 million expansion of the University’s City South Campus in Edgbaston will provide specialist laboratories and teaching spaces for the new courses.

It will also provide a new home for the School of Education, supporting the development of the next generation of school teachers.

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Campus Accessibility

All areas of Seacole building which require student access (teaching rooms, library and café facilities) are accessible to wheelchair users. Bevan House and the ground floor of Ravensbury House are also accessible.

The campus is accessible for most people; however, we recognise that individuals can experience a wide variety of difficulties. To find out more about this site’s accessibility in relation to your specific difficulties, please contact the Disability Support Team.

Visitors with hearing loss

If you are visiting the University and have hearing loss which means that you may have difficulty hearing the fire alarm in the event of an emergency evacuation, please request a Deaf Alerter pager from the main reception of the campus you are visiting. You will be able to keep this pager with you for the duration of your visit to alert you if the fire alarm goes off.

Better facilities for night owls

If you prefer to get your work done when the sun’s gone down, you’ll be pleased to know you can now get hot food while you hit the books. City South library is now open until midnight (Mon to Thu). You can also now use a microwave in the main restaurant.