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Birmingham City University Bursary

A number of organisations offer bursaries ranging from £500 to £5,000 which you won’t need to pay back. We also have further information about Disabled Students Allowance, and Teacher Training bursaries.


You may wish to apply for a bursary from these organisations:


You can apply for a £5,000 postgraduate scholarship for 2016 which is available for all subject areas. Two £500 runners-up scholarships will also be awarded.


You can apply for five bursaries of £2,000 to help pay your fees for a postgraduate course at a UK university in 2016/17.

Postgrad Solutions

Business students can apply for annual bursaries worth £500 each.

Master of Law students can apply for annual global bursaries worth £500 each.

Support for Living Costs – Loan for living costs

In order to get a loan to help with your living costs you need to meet the same residence and previous study requirements as previously mentioned. You also have to be aged under 60 when you start your course.

The maximum loans for living costs will be £6,904 if you are living in your parental home whilst studying or £8,200 if you are living away from home. These rates apply to students studying outside of London, and thus would apply to students studying at Birmingham City University.

65 per cent of the maximum loan amounts available are an automatic entitlement and the remaining 35 per cent is means tested on household income.

The interest rates and repayment details are the same as for tuition fee loans.

You will not get the maximum amount of loan if your household income is over a certain level.

Please refer to table below, which gives an indication of the level of support available in 2016 in relation to household income.

Household IncomeMaintenance Loan (living away from home)Maintenance Loan (living in parents’ home)

*please note loan amounts are based on student living away from the parental home.