Birkbeck University of London Transfer

Birkbeck University of London Transfer

Transferring credit between programmes

Credit is awarded once you have successfully completed a module in recognition of the amount and the depth of learning you have achieved. The number of credits assigned to each module indicates the amount of learning undertaken (120 credits equates to one year of full-time learning).

Level of credit

The level of credit indicates the depth of learning involved:

  • Courses in the first year of a full-time undergraduate study are usually at Level 4.
  • In the second year, they are usually at Level 5.
  • In the third year, they are usually at Level 6.
  • On part-time programmes there is usually a mixture of levels in some years.

Credit is accumulated until you have the total required for a qualification (for example a Certificate of Higher Education; a BA or BSc (Hons); an FD; an MA or MSc etc.).

How institutions use credits for transfer

Most institutions that provide higher education in England use credit to help student transfer from one programme to another, either within the same institution or at a different institution. However, there is no national curriculum for higher education, and each institution’s programmes are different, so the requirements for moving credit from one programme to another – or one institution to another – vary.

If you want to transfer to another programme, you will need to contact the people responsible for administering that programme to see if they will accept the credit you have accumulated in your studies so far.

Birkbeck Certificates of Higher Education

At Birkbeck, courses on our Certificates of Higher Education are taught and assessed at the same level as those on the first year of our undergraduate degrees (Level 4). This means you may be able to transfer credit from a Certificate onto one of our degrees, progressing directly into the second year. You will need to take specific courses and achieve specific grades in order to demonstrate you’ve a sufficient understanding of the material covered in the first year of the degree.

If you complete the necessary modules you may progress directly onto the second year of the following programmes: