Birkbeck University of London Institution Code

Birkbeck University of London Institution Code

Equality and diversity at Birkbeck

Key principles of equality law

‘Birkbeck values its institutional culture, which embraces diversity for all its members (students and staff) and its visitors. This is in line with the College’s founding beliefs and ethos of openness and access for all, which, over the years, has allowed it to successfully reflect the rich diversity of London amongst its staff and student populations.’

Professor Les Moran, College Equality Champion


Mission statement

The principal aims of Birkbeck are to:

  • Provide flexible and part-time higher education courses that meet the changing educational, cultural, personal and career needs of students of all ages; in particular, those who live or work in the London region.
  • Enable adult students from diverse social and educational backgrounds to participate in our courses.
  • Make available the results of research, and the expertise acquired, through teaching, publication, partnerships with other organisations and the promotion of civic and public debate.
  • Maintain and develop excellence in research and provide the highest quality research training in all our subject areas.

The key supporting objectives are to:

  • Offer our students an integrated range of flexible, research-led courses across all levels of provision.
  • Achieve and maintain strong research cultures, in support of interdisciplinary work, in each school and faculty.
  • Ensure the College provides an inclusive working and learning environment for its students and staff, so that all may develop to their full potential.
  • Develop the College’s capacity to respond rapidly to new and changing opportunities in higher and further education.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships within the London region and beyond.