Birkbeck University of London Email

Birkbeck University of London Email

Birkbeck University of London Email services

Student email services – powered by Google

Students at Birkbeck are expected to maintain an up to date contact email address within their MyBirkbeck profile. However, it does not have to be a Birkbeck email address and all College email correspondence will be sent to that contact email address. This address may be changed at any time by logging in to the My Birkbeck site.

For students who wish to have a Birkbeck email account, this is also applied for via the My Birkbeck site.

Birkbeck has subscribed to the Google Apps suite of applications for the provision of student email.

The service is available to all students, via a tickbox on their My Birkbeck profile. Access to the Birkbeck GMail service requires existing users to have changed their Birkbeck password (which will then be synchronized across the Birkbeck GMail service alongside other services).

Please note the following:

  • While no restriction has been placed on the use of other Google Apps at present, only the mail service is supported.
  • Students wishing to use the service as their default mail service for College communications can change their contact email address from the preferences via MyBirkbeck.
  • The default format for email addresses is <username>