Bath University Biology

Bath University Biology

University of Bath

Thinking of studying for a biosciences degree?

Our undergraduate courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to embark on a successful career in the biosciences.

We offer four courses with some flexibility to switch between them:

  • Biology – a broad-based course studying the range of scales (molecular to global ecosystems) found in life
  • Biochemistry – providing a fundamental understanding of all life processes across the range of species with the focus at a the molecular level
    Biomedical Sciences – providing an understanding of human health and the causes, prevention and treatment of disease


Studying Here

The first year, which is common to all the undergraduate courses we offer, provides you with a foundation year on which to build your specialist preferences later on.

First Year

The First Year aims to build on your existing skills and knowledge. You will develop practical, study and career skills through tutorials, practical classes and other teaching activities. Your knowledge will grow in a range of topic areas that are fundamental to all bioscientists (common to all four courses) and make up half of the year’s study. The remaining study will be more specific to the degree you are studying.

Core common units Specific units Biology
The life of Earth 1 & 2 Ecology & evolution 1 & 2
Genetics Human biochemistry
Cell biology
Cell and molecular biology
Human and animal physiology
Skills and techniques Biology

The extent of the common core means that it is straight forward for you to switch degree midway through Year 1.

Second Year

In the second year you will have the opportunity to select optional units, though Biochemistry have about half of their units prescribed. The options begin to allow you to tailor your degree to those areas upon which you wish to place greater focus.

Optional Placement Year

We offer a fully-supported, one-year professional placement with a prestigious employer after your second year. Placements provide professional skills and experience in bioscience research, administration or management and they are invaluable in helping you to find a job or further training after graduation. We run more placements than any other life sciences department in the UK. About a quarter of our placements are based overseas (Europe, USA and Australia).

The opportunity to earn a full salary during the programme is another big bonus!

Final Year

During your Final year you will undertake a research project with a member of academic staff as your supervisor. Since the Department has some of the best academic staff in the world you will experience what it is like to be at the cutting edge of bioscience research.

You will be supported throughout your studies by a full-time Director of Teaching and your Personal Tutor.