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Kerry Curtis is the Head of Fashion, Textiles and Three Dimensional Design, and as a practitioner Curtis has worked in the Fashion Industry with her main focus in the specialist area of Embroidery Design.

Kerry Curtis is currently working on ‘The Mantelpiece Project’ which explores at how designers discover inspiration and how they use the things they find to influence their design process.

The first Mantelpiece exhibition ran in November 2011 as part of STUFFBATH for more information go to or for images

The exhibition description:

‘In existence, the mantelpiece commands the focus of the domestic interior; an altar, serving as a place to exhibit precious and sentimental objects. It has a permanence and somehow stands quietly separate from the daily life around it. On the mantelpiece everyone is able to curate the things they most love.

For many designers visiting the car-boot or charity shop, is as regular as doing the grocery shop. Back at home, they cant help but curate and showcase arrangements of found and made objects, residing on mantelpieces, shelves, sideboards and window sills. Initiating the connection between looking for, collecting, sorting, thinking, designing and making.

The Mantelpiece looks at these inspirational collections of objects. Individually, the items may be viewed as beautiful, incredibly crafted or even plain ugly and pointless, yet when arranged on a mantelpiece this stuff creates a narrative, expressing the design handwriting of the creator.

In this exhibition, a group of designers, who have close links with the Bath School of Art and Design, recreate their mantelpieces, displaying personal, yet disparate windows through which the audience can catch a glimpse of the private world of design, designers and the objects that inspire the creation of new stuff.’

Industry Experience:

Curtis studied MA Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art in London and, just days before Curtis exhibited her final body of work for the 1997 RCA graduate show, she met with Franca Sozzani the Editor-in-Chief of Italian Vogue. On seeing the portfolio of work produced by Curtis, Sozzani immediately recommended Italian Fashion Designer, Alberta Ferretti visit London to take a look. Within moments of the show opening, Curtis had her first design position.