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Bath Spa University International Year 1

International Year 1 (IY1) is a 12 or 9 month programme validated by Bath Spa University designed to help you succeed. It is the first year of your degree (Level 4) with tailored academic support and tutorials, specialist tutors and small class sizes that will ensure your success in years two and three at university.

Whether you want to launch your own business, decode the media, solve complex international development problems, enter the field of criminology or create brands that make an impact, this International Year One course will enable you to develop the skills required for your future career.

Maximise your experience studying in the UK, with our dedicated team, supportive tutorial style, cultural field visits and open door policy.

What you’ll learn

The pathway you choose will determine what degree specific modules you’ll take; whether Business, Media, Criminology or Social Science based. As an international student, you’ll significantly refine your English skills through academic reading, speaking and writing. Additionally, you’ll develop essential research and study skills that will aid you through years two and three of your degree.

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge about British life and culture. Alongside this, you’ll complete a ‘Bath Project’, in which you’ll engage in the local lives and businesses of Bath through critical thinking and analysis.

You’ll finish your year with an ‘International Project Case Study’. This will raise your awareness of global issues, building your understanding and helping you develop as a socially engaged global citizen.

Course structure

Terms one and two
You’ll gain essential study skills, as well as confidence in group work and individual presentations through core modules: Academic English, Study Skills, Introduction to Statistics, Research Methods and Bath Project. You’ll also take introductory modules specific to your degree – for example this may include: Business Environment; Enterprise; Media Today; Criminology: An Introduction; or Introduction to Social Sciences.

Terms three and four
You’ll build on the platform of skills and knowledge you developed in the first half of the academic year – the modules will challenge you to apply your comprehension and critical thinking. These may include: Managing Data, Economics and Globalisation; Organisational Behaviour; Functions of a Business; Social Sciences in Action; Communities, Identities and Difference; Understanding Social Behaviour; Global Environment and Development; and the capstone module International Project Case Study.

How will I be assessed?

You’ll be assessed through a number of methods including group and individual projects, poster presentations, essays, quizzes, exams and in-class Excel exercises. Attendance and participation will count towards your overall grade.

How will I be taught?

You’ll be taught in small class sizes (maximum of 16 students per class) through a blend of lectures, seminars, and one-on-one tutorials both in person and on Skype. Classes are engaging and interactive – tutors use videos, group work, debates and in-class activities alongside required readings.