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This page is for students currently living in Bath Spa University managed accommodation. This includes:
  • Newton Park Halls (Gardens and Lakeside)
  • Bankside House
  • Green Park House

Read our:

Residents’ Handbook for Gardens and Lakeside

Residents’ Handbook for Green Park House and Bankside House

We’re here to help you, so please contact us if you need any assistance:

Fees and finance

All instalments for housing fees are of an equal amount so you need to divide the total by the number of instalments you have chosen. For all finance queries, please contact

View payment dates

Licence Agreement

When you moved into your accommodation you entered into a contract with the University and signed your Licence Agreement. The agreement clarifies the University’s responsibility in terms of the standard of accommodation you can expect; but also the University’s expectations of your behaviour whilst you live in our accommodation.

endsleigh insurance

The University has arranged some contents insurance for you with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider. This cover does not protect laptops and phones or other items when you are outside your room, or all risks inside your room.  It is important for you to check this cover, so please follow the steps below to ensure you fully understand the protection provided.

Enter in your policy number HH1216 at to check your policy details.

Review cover to:

  • check what is covered;
  • check key exclusions and limitations;
  • check your policy excess;
  • check how to make a claim;
  • extend and personalise your cover to protect laptops, phones and other valuables.

It is important to find out exactly what you are covered for, as you may find that the contents cover is not sufficient and you need to extend it to protect all of your possessions both inside and outside of your room.

About Endsleigh 50 years ago Endsleigh pioneered affordable insurance designed for students. Today they provide personalised cover tailored around your University needs and into your professional life too. Endsleigh protect you every day, every hour, every minute, because they know it only takes a second for your world to be turned upside down.

Endsleigh is proud to remain the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

*If your item is lost, stolen or unrepairable we’ll replace it within 24 hours – 1 working day of your claim being approved.

How to log a repair/request compostable food waste caddie bags/sanitary waste bags

Something broken? Need to report a fault? Please do so by reporting in  through our WMS  (Work Management System) on The Bath Spa Hub Page.  You will need to log in with your Bath Spa ID and password.  Please  include  as much information  as possible.

If you have run out of food waste caddie bags or sanitary waste bags, log a WMS with Porterage. Make sure you give your hall name and kitchen details. Portage will then deliver the bags straight to your kitchen.

Lock Outs

Newton Park Halls
If you have locked yourself out, out of hours, please report to the Security Lodge at the  bottom of the campus on the Main Drive. You can also call them on 01225 87 5555.

Please note, you cannot send a friend or relative to collect keys if you are locked out.

Bankside House Halls
If you have locked yourself out, during Resident Tutor hours, please contact them (in  Flat 1 of Bankside House) and request to be let back into your room.

If you have locked your self out, out of hours, please contact security  on 01225 875555.

Green Park House
If you have locked yourself out, out of hours, please report to the front reception. You can also call them on 01225 87 6666 or use your intercom phones provided within your accommodation. Please note, you cannot send a friend or relative to collect keys if you are locked out.

Lost Keys

If you have lost your student card which has your room access on it, please email to advise and so your room access can be cancelled. We can remotely disable your key to help with any risk of theft or unauthorised access to your room.

To receive a new card please come to either student information desk, Green Park House Reception or The Accommodation Office to receive a new card.

Fire safety

Please ensure that you have watched the BSU halls of residence fire safety video

The most important part of fire safety is prevention. False alarms can be caused by carelessness, in particular by leaving cooking unattended. All residences are equipped with sensitive smoke and heat detectors.

Please ensure that you have read the fire safety guidelines in your residents handbook. Any student who breaches the fire safety regulations will be subject to the Residents’ Disciplinary Procedure. Interference with safety equipment will constitute a criminal offence and is likely to result in termination of your licence agreement.

There is a £50 penalty for covering over, removing or disabling any fire saving equipment.

Fire Evacuation: In the event of a fire alarm sounding, immediately evacuate the building and make your way to your designated Fire Assembly Point. The student accommodation team carry out test evacuations once per term, failure to evacuate will result in a £50 fine.