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Bath Spa University Graduation

Graduation is a chance to celebrate your academic achievement with friends and family and your cohort.

Our Summer ceremonies will be held in Bath Abbey on Wednesday 19th – Friday 21st July 2017.

The ceremony you can attend is determined by when you complete your studies, your School and your course. Each of the ceremonies will last around one hour.

  • If you are graduating with a major/minor or joint (equally balanced) combined degree which has been taught across two schools, you will be able to choose which of the schools you wish to graduate with.
  • Combined awards will be presented as a single group within each School, e.g. if you have studied History and Music, you will graduate with other Combined awards from the School, not with BA History or BA Music.
  • Creative Arts is treated the same as a joint combined degree, and you will be able to choose at the time of booking which of the two relevant schools you graduate with (if applicable). Creative Arts degrees will be presented as a single group within each School, e.g. if you have studied Art and Music, you will graduate with other Creative Arts awards from the School, not with BA Fine Art or BA Music.
  • All students on a Specialised Education course (also known as the ‘3+1’, which leads straight into the PGCE course) will graduate with the Institute for Education, regardless of whether they do a combination of subjects within this course.

You can check which School your course belongs to HERE and your invitation letter will state which ceremony or ceremonies you are eligible to attend. If you are unsure, please contact the Graduation Office.

In the event of oversubscription for a particular ceremony, the University reserves the right to vary the allocation of students to ceremonies but we will make every effort to avoid this.

Who is eligible to attend?

  • Invitations and information packs are posted and emailed to all eligible students (using both personal and university email addresses)
  • If you achieve an appropriate award, or are expected to achieve an appropriate award, between January 2017 and 19th July 2017, you will be invited to the July graduation ceremonies.
  • The following awards are presented at graduation: Foundation Degree (based at Newton Park), BA or BSc (with or without Honours), PGCE (Primary or Secondary), PGDip, MA, MSc or MTeach, MPhil, PhD.
  • Foundation degree students based at partner colleges are not invited to attend as our partner colleges will hold their own graduation events.

What if I do not pass my course in time for Graduation?

Should you not complete the course in time to graduate at your expected ceremony then you can obtain refunds on any of your purchases by contacting each of the services involved.

Please do not wait until you have passed your course before obtaining your tickets as the closing date for booking falls before some results have been announced.

Should you complete your course after your expected graduation your certificate will be issued within 6 weeks of when the award is achieved, and you will be invited to the next ceremonies.

International Students

We are not able to provide letters to help your guests arrange visas for their travel; you can write one yourself. Please email: for more information and help on what to include in your letter.

If you require a letter to confirm your completion of studies please contact the Student Information Desk (SID) in Commons or email

What to Wear

You must wear the correct academic robes in order to take part in your ceremony. These may be hired or bought from our official suppliers, Ede & Ravenscroft .

BSU robes are dark blue with the exception of PhD robes which are a lighter shade. The hoods are blue with a silver trim and the design of the hood depends on the level of award that you are receiving. The hood is designed to be worn by attaching a loop on the hood to a button on a shirt/blouse, although it can be pinned instead.

Graduation is a formal event, and we advise that you dress to suit the occasion in clothing which will be manageable and comfortable beneath your robes.

Your Graduation Checklist

  • Book your attendance or non-attendance via the online booking system (opening and closing dates will be in the information pack)
  • Apply for your guest tickets if required
  • Book your academic robes at least 4 weeks before your ceremony
  • Check your results by logging in to your account on The Hub
  • Pre-order any souvenirs

What else do I need to know?

  • If you owe the university any money, such as library fines or course fees, you will be allowed to attend graduation but you will not receive your certificate and transcript – these will not be released until all of your debts have been cleared. If you have any questions regarding your debts please contact the Finance Office
  • If you completed your course earlier in the academic year, your certificate and transcript should have already been posted to you, and you will be given a dummy certificate during the ceremony.
  • Final results will be emailed to your Bath Spa email address. Results are not sent out by post.
  • If you become ineligible to graduate (for example, by failing to pass a module) please return any guest tickets you have booked to the Graduation Office at Newton Park, and we will arrange a full refund.
  • If you have booked guest tickets and wish to return these before the ceremony, we will arrange a full refund. We cannot give refunds for tickets returned after the ceremony.
  • Refunds for other services (gown hire, photographs, souvenirs) should be sought directly from the supplier (sometimes this will be subject to an administration fee).
  • Any changes to your booking (changes to any special requirements, change of address etc.) should be made by contacting the Graduation Office directly.
  • It’s your big day – remember to enjoy it!

Our next graduation ceremonies will be held in Bath Abbey on Wednesday 19th – Friday 21st July 2017

  • Wednesday 19th July – College of Liberal Arts: Bath Business School and College of Liberal Arts: Culture & Environment
  • Thursday 20th July – Institute for Education and College of Liberal Arts: Digital Academy
  • Friday 21st July – Bath School of Art & Design and College of Liberal Arts: Writing & Performance

There will be three ceremonies each day, at 10.30am, 1pm and 3.30pm. We expect each ceremony to last around one hour.

Eligible students will be sent invitations and information after Easter, in time for booking opening in May 2017; your inivitation letter will state which ceremony or ceremonies you are eligible to attend.

The ceremony which students attend is determined by their course and the School it belongs to. Students on a Combined degree (joint, major/minor, or Creative Arts) where their subjects fall into two different Schools will be able to choose at the time of booking which School they graduate with (this does not include Education Specialised degrees (also known as ‘3+1’) who all graduate with the School of Education).