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The course is designed to support highly motivated individuals who wish to study specifically with the aim of becoming professional artists or to practice at a very high level in related fields. The course is aimed at the development of studio practice to achieve exceptionally high standards of studio–based work in painting, sculpture and installation media representing an excellent grounding for further study at MA level and beyond.

You will have access to excellent facilities and technical support and be given your own substantial workspace in one of our purpose built studios. From very early in the course you will have the opportunity to direct your own programme of study supported by professional artists, many of whom are internationally renowned and representing the range of disciplines in sculpture, painting, media and theory. They will teach and support you throughout your course.

The course will require you to be organised, self-motivated and disciplined. Staff will encourage and help guide your exploration enabling you to develop your self –confidence and critical ability in your chosen area. You will be able to work over concentrated periods of self-directed study in our purpose built and well-equipped studios and workshops.

What you’ll learn


We provide you with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and appropriate practices. You’ll develop your creative potential and critical understanding as a practising artist.


Research Methodologies
Introduces generic principles and processes of research relevant to the practice and study of art, design and curatorial practice. It provides you with a strong sense of methodological purpose when thinking about your practice. It will give you confidence and authority by assisting you to identify key areas of interest and to build on this towards a mastery of your subject. It will outline established models of academic enquiry – both practical and intellectual – proposing ways to gather, analyse and communicate a wide range of information and ideas.

Studio 1: Re-establishment of Studio Practice
Is designed to re-establish and situate your existing practice. Its aim is to support and challenge you in further developing an awareness of this using material and methods acquired in the Research Methodologies module. You’ll produce work based upon a written proposal, negotiated individually and agreed with staff. Technical staff will introduce you to a wide variety of workshops as necessary, so you can experiment and explore, bringing your outputs to a finished level for exhibition at assessment.

Studio 2: Developing Studio Practice
Develop your re-established practice. The module aims help you consider your initial studio developments you made in Studio 1: Re-establishment of Studio Practice and develop a working strategy to build on and develop these further. You’ll be encouraged to pay greater attention to the exhibition element of your practice and to test finished resolutions not only of individual works in isolation but of a group of works relating positively to each other in appropriate exhibition settings.

Aspects of Contemporary Art Practice
Develop relevant research methods and advanced reflective research, including appropriate references to theoretical and critical resources. This will give you greater understanding of the historical context of your studio practice. You’ll analyse your previous studio work and build on agreed experimentation/exploration in order to develop your technical, contextual and conceptual understanding of your studio practice.

Studio 3: Advanced Studio Practice
A double module that leads to the award of MA Fine Art. The aim is that you’ll carry out a proposal developed in Aspects of Contemporary Art Practice. The outcomes based on this proposal will have been agreed and this forms your programme of study for the module. You’ll work in the studio with increasing independence and you’ll be able to demonstrate an advanced capacity to work within your chosen idiom and have advanced your understanding of this.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of each trimester the modules are assessed by internal staff, moderated by an external examiner. Assessment of each stage of the studio element of the course is by exhibition and all related materials together with an advanced written reflective statement. The research modules are assessed by an oral/visual presentation made by the student of their practitioner ‘position’ at the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma stage.

How will I be taught?

An individual programme of studio work, negotiated with staff, will re-establish and then develop your work to professional, exhibiting level. Progress is guided by scheduled and optional group and individual tutorials, and by group critiques of work led by academic staff.

The context for studio work is informed and clarified by a programme of seminars and discussions which set out a wide range of practice, both in terms of individual artists’ work and contemporary museum, gallery, exhibiting and curating activity.


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Course director: Andrea Medjesi-Jones,