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Bath Spa University Estates

The Department of Estates is responsible for the strategic planning, development and management of the University’s lands and buildings on the Claverton Down campus and in Bath.

The department currently employs some 200 professional, technical, crafts and manual staff. We are based in the Estates Office, although operational staff are located across the campus.

The department is divided into several core functions and activities:

Management structures

The department is made up of 13 teams, each with its own management structure.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms across the University are tested weekly at specific times.


The heating at the University is generally provided by ‘wet’ systems where hot water is pumped round the building to radiators.

ISO 9001

The Department of Estates operates a quality management system meeting the requirements of the standard ISO 9001. We are regularly audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Landscape management

They work to provide a pleasant and attractive environment in which students and staff can relax, work and study, and that will attract future students and conference visitors to the campus. Our 16 full-time and one part-time staff members divide their duties between:

  • regular maintenance of the existing landscape features and plants
  • advising on current and future projects with a landscape element
  • assisting the Department of Estates with the planning and designing of post-building landscape re-instatements
  • creating plant displays for offices, events and ceremonies both on and off campus
  • maintenance and preparation of the outdoor sports areas
  • general assistance to the Department of Estates in moving loads and digger works
  • salting and gritting
  • emergency storm damage repairs
  • litter collection on soft landscape areas
  • overseeing the planting of ceremonial or memorial trees on campus.


The Department of Estates maintains and repairs lifts across the University.

A map of lift locations across the University campus is available.

Planning and records

The Planning and Records team is responsible for maintaining the space and legal information for the Estate. They have successfully improved asbestos information with data-driven drawings, catalogued the Estates O&M archive in 3 East, listed existing records in the Planning and Records Office and laid the foundations for an Estates library.