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We’ve re-branded the buses a striking navy blue colour and re-numbered the services U5 and U6. We’ve also refurbished the interiors and even installed free Wifi and USB charging points on all the Bath Spa Uni Bus services. So you can charge your phone or iPad and catch up on Facebook or Twitter, check out the news or plan a night out while on the move. Just search for ‘First Wifi’.

Services U5 and U6 are your best option for getting to Bath Spa University and back. On Service U5, there’s a bus at least every 10 minutes during the day and it runs until 2.40am six nights a week. Due to student feedback, we’ve increased the frequency on a Sunday daytime to every 30 minutes. Our service U6 runs every 30 minutes Monday to Friday during the daytime, and serves student accommodation at Twerton Mill, Charlton Court, Waterside Court and Windsor Bridge and we’ve added an extra evening journey to get you home after a hard day of studying.

And as we run so many of the bus services in Bath whether you’re going to university, the city centre, cinema, supermarket, train station or visiting friends we’ve got it covered with routes going all over the city. Our Bath uni year or term tickets offer you the best value for money and unlimited travel on all First buses in Bath Inner Zone.

Service U5 : City Centre – Lower Bristol Road – Newbridge Road – Bath Spa University                     

Monday to Friday10 minutes (daytime) 60 minutes (evening)
Saturday30 minutes (daytime) 60 minutes (evening)
Sunday30 minutes (daytime) 60 minutes (evening)

Service U6 : Twerton Mill – Charlton/Waterside Court – Windsor Bridge – Newbridge Road – Bath Spa University 

Monday to Friday30 minutes (daytime) no evening service
Saturdayno service
Sundayno service

Frequencies shown are for term times. 


We’ve got a fantastic range of student tickets meaning there is something to suit your needs however often you use the bus. We operate a £1.50 flat fare in Bath Inner Zone for any single journey with proof of your student status (Bath Spa Student ID card).