Bath Spa University Accommodation Prices

By | 12th April 2017

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Bath Spa University Accommodation Prices

To help you make a decision on your accommodation, we’ve pulled together all of our rent prices.

News about our accommodation prices

In 2016-17, the University committed to reviewing rents and working towards providing a wider range of choice for students. We were able to:

  • Freeze or reduce rents for university-owned accommodation
  • Negotiate a rent freeze with our external provider UNITE Students
  • Subsidise rents at Twerton Mill to reduce contract lengths by three weeks

For 2017-18 applicants, the University has continued its efforts to review rents and seek opportunities for saving students money. This year we are pleased to announce:

  • The subsidy to reduce Twerton Mill townhouse rooms from 51 weeks to 48 weeks will remain, saving students £463.50 off the total annual rent.
  • All UNITE Students accommodation will now be offered on a 44-week contract. Previously these were 45 – 51 week contracts. This represents a saving of around £600 per year.
  • We have increased the number of 36-week contract options, and these are now options at Newton Park and Green Park House. Savings will vary depending on location.
  • Our cheapest rooms (twin bedrooms) have been reduced again to £79 per week.
  • We have continued to increase the number of rooms available on shorter contracts, which will represent an overall saving on the annual cost of rent for some rooms.

Where the annual cost of rent has increased, the University has applied a below inflationary rise. Any additional income is used to continue to provide an outstanding living experience and invest accommodation facilities or activities.

Your accommodation preferences

We use your register of accommodation preferences to make every effort to offer you your first choice of accommodation. This is not always possible due to high demand for particular rooms. You may be offered one of your other choices or, in some cases, accommodation for which you did not stated a preference. For example, if not enough applications are received for a particular contract length (e.g. 39 or 44 weeks), you may be allocated your preferred room type, but on a different contract length to the one you selected in your application.

Price list for 2017-18


Room Type:Cost Per Week:36 Week Contract Total Cost:*39 Week Contract Total Cost:44 Week Contract Total Cost:
Standard single (en-suite)£152£5,472£5,928£6,688
Accessible single (en-suite)£152£5,472£5,928£6,688
Large single (en-suite)£155N/AN/A£6,820
Accessible studio flat£185N/A£7,215N/A
* On a 36 week contract you will have to move out over the Easter break.


Room Type:Cost Per Week:39 Week Contract Total Cost:48 Week Contract Total Cost:62 Week Contract Total Cost:*
Shared Room (shared facilities)£79£3,081N/A£4,898*
Standard single (shared facilities)£120£4,680N/A£7,440*
Large Single (shared facilities)£128£4,992£6,114N/A
Standard single (en-suite)£146£5,694N/AN/A

* 62 week contracts for MA applicants only. For those requiring a 52 week contract for MA studies please contact the accommodation team for further details.

Green Park House

Room Type:Cost Per Week:36* Week Contract Total Cost:40 Week Contract Total Cost:48 Week Contract Total Cost:
Townhouse Standard (shared facilities)£150£5,400N/AN/A
Standard Single (En-Suite)£162N/A£6,480N/A
Duplex Standard Single (en-suite)**£162£5,832N/AN/A
Twodios (standard)£164N/AN/A£7,872
Twodios (large)£169N/A£6,760N/A
Studio (standard)£196N/A£7,840N/A
Studio (accessible)£196N/A£7,840N/A
Studio (large)£232N/A£9,280N/A
Studio (premium)£242N/A£9,680N/A

* On a 36 week contract at Green Park House is just a shorter contract length rather then having to move out over Easter.

** Duplex flats are split over two floors.


Room Type:Cost Per Week:45 Week Contract Total Cost:
Single (en-suite)£146£6,570

UNITE: Charlton and Waterside Court

Room Type:Cost Per Week:44 Week Contract Total Cost:
Classic single (en-suite)£151.50£6,666
Premium 1 single (en-suite)£165£7,260
Premium 2 single (en-suite)£173£7,612


Twerton Mill

Room Type:Cost Per Week:44 Week Contract Total Cost:48 Week Contract Total Cost:
Single (en-suite)£159.50£7,018N/A
Townhouse room (shared facilities)£154.50N/A£7,416*

* Twerton Mill Townhouses are also avalible on a 51 week contract.