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Bangor University Translation Unit

The University’s Translation Unit is located in Canolfan Bedwyr. The unit’s mission is to support and promote bilingualism across all the University’s administrative and academic departments. The unit translates and proof-reads a wide range of administrative and academic materials, both from Welsh to English and from English to Welsh, as well as providing a simultaneous translation service from Welsh to English in a variety of meetings throughout the University.

Work for translation may be sent via the new uploading system that has been developed by Canolfan Bedwyr’s Language Technologies Unit. This system helps us and the customers to keep track of the work sent for translation, since all work sent is shown on a personal log and is also kept permanently on a designated server, both original and translated version.

Uploading Translation Work

We offer a translation service from English to Welsh or from Welsh into English, and a proofreading service for documents in Welsh. You can send us a text of any length, from a few words to a long document.

If you are using the service for the first time, please read the instructions below. Please feel free to contact us if you experience any problems when using the service or if you need further clarification on any point.

If you are looking for a translation of a title or short term then the Translation Unit’s Glossary may be able to help.

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In what format should the work be sent?
If possible, submit your work as a Word document. We can translate other Microsoft Office documents (e.g. PowerPoint, Excel), but they are not compatible with the translation memory software so will take more time, and we cannot send them back to you on the system. Do not submit work that includes ‘track changes’ or highlighted sections. If you wish to draw attention to a specific section of the document, please submit two files, one clean, and the other marking changes etc. for information. If you send a Word file including hyperlinks, logos or graphics the system may not be able to process the document and we may have to ask you to resubmit it without these.  Please send the text for translation before you incorporate these extra features.