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Bangor University KESS

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) is a major European Convergence programme led by Bangor University on behalf of the Welsh higher education sector. KESS offers collaborative research projects (Research Masters and PhD) linked with a local company partner, with scholarships supported by ESF funding. We work across Wales, with all of the Welsh Universities involved in the project.

KESS achieved 230 PhD and 223 Research Masters projects across Wales (73 PhD and 84 Research Masters at Bangor). KESS closed at the end of September 2015.

The Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships KESS 2 scheme will partner over 500 businesses with academics and postgraduate research students to develop innovative research projects aimed at driving business growth.

The £36m EU-backed scheme to develop post-graduate research and innovation skills in partnership with small and medium-sized businesses has been announced by the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones.

The scheme, which will benefit from £26m of EU funds, will allow over 600 postgraduate students to benefit from opportunities to develop as research professionals as part of Research Masters and PhD programmes funded through the scheme.

£36m EU-backed Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships 2 (KESS 2) operation for Wales launched.

Led by Bangor University in partnership with other Welsh universities, KESS II will operate in North, West Wales and the South Wales Valleys over the next six years.The First Minister said: “It’s excellent news for hundreds of businesses that will benefit from collaboration with our universities in research and development, and for talented young people looking to develop high-level skills and expertise in Wales.

“This is a significant EU investment that will help align research with the needs of small businesses and drive higher level skills in Wales in the coming years. It is a clear example of how Wales benefits from the UK’s membership of the EU.”