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Bangor University Archaeology

Undergraduate Courses

Bangor University offers a range of courses suitable for those interested in one or more aspects of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Our range of degrees aim to accommodate both those seeking to specialise in History or Archaeology, as well as those who wish to study these subjects together. We also offer degree options where you can study a language with a subject in another discipline.

History, Archaeology and Heritage courses:

  • History and Archaeology BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • Heritage, Archaeology and History BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • History BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • History MArts (4 years)
  • History with Archaeology BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • Medieval and Early Modern History BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • Modern and Contemporary History BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • Welsh History and History BA (Joint Hons) (3 years)
  • Welsh History with Archaeology BA (Hons) (3 years)

Combinations with/and another subject:

  • History and Economics BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • History and Italian BA (Hons) (4 years)
  • History with Film Studies BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • History with Journalism BA (Hons) (3 years)
  • Philosophy & Religion and History BA (Joint Hons) (3 years)
  • Philosophy & Religion and Welsh History BA (Joint Hons) (3 years)
  • Social Policy and History BA (Hons) (3 years)

Postgraduate Study:
School of History and Archaeology

Taught Postgraduate Courses


  • Celtic Archaeology MA/PgDip
  • History MA/PgDip
  • Medieval Studies MA/PgDip
  • The Celts MA/PgDip
  • Welsh History MA/PgDip
  • Y Celtiaid MA/PgDip

Research Programmes


  • Archaeology PhD/MPhil
  • Heritage PhD/MPhil
  • History PhD/MPhil
  • Welsh History PhD/MPhil

Employment Opportunities

Examples of employment opportunities in history and archaeology can be found at the following sites:

  • BAJR (British Archaeology Jobs and Resources)
  • The BBC
  • The British Museum
  • CADW
  • Council for British Archaeology
  • English Heritage
  • Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
  • Institute for Field Archaeologists
  • Leicester University Museums Jobs Desk
  • National Geographic
  • National Museums
  • The National Trust
  • Arch√§eologie Forum

Applying to study at Bangor

How to apply through UCAS

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