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B Derby University of Manchester, Brian Derby FIMMM (born 1957) is Professor of Materials Science at Manchester University. He has been at the forefront of research into inkjet printing and 3D bioprinting winning the Edward de Bono Medal for Original Thinking in 2007 for his work on Printing Skin and Bones: using inkjet printing technology to fabricate complex tissue scaffolds on which cells can be grown.

Brian Derby is Professor of Materials Science in the School of Materials. He is based in the Materials Science centre. His research spans three of the research groups within the School of Materials: ceramics and glasses, biomaterials,  nanostructured materials.

Brian graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 1978 and obtained his PhD, also from Cambridge, in 1981. He spent 1 year working at the Centre d’Etudes Nucleaire de Grenoble as an ESA Fellow before spending 2 years in Cambridge University Engineering Department as a Research Fellow. He was in the University of Oxford, Department of Materials from 1983 -1998 as a Research Fellow, Lecturer and Reader in Materials Engineering, where he was Director of the Oxford Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites. He was appointed Professor in Materials Science at the Materials Science Centre in 1999. He was elected a member of the World Academy of Ceramics in 2004.

Brian Derby’s research interests span a wide range with a focus on the processing-structure-mechanical properties relation in ceramics and glasses, biomaterials and nanostructured materials. Recently he has been at the forefront of research into the development of inkjet printing as a manufacturing tool. He has particular interest in developing methods of characterising materials and processes in situ. Much of this work has been carried out collaborating with industry and other research groups across the world.