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This section of the handbook goes into more detail about submitting coursework, the importance of its originality and a brief introduction to the role of the exam board and decisions they could make (along with listing the external examiners for you course). Scroll down to read on or click on the jump down menu for further information.

Submission of coursework

You will be notified of the dates of your coursework submission for the modules you are taking by the lecturers concerned. This information should also be available on the module specification on Blackboard. Coursework will be submitted either via the Coursework Submission Office or via Blackboard and your lecturer will inform you of any specific submission instructions.

The Coursework Submission Office (Reception area of the EAS School Centre) is open from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. The office is closed promptly everyday at 2pm and a drop-box facility is available during out-of-office hours. Coursework submitted via the drop-box will be stamped with the submission date of the following day. Don’t leave submission of your work until the last minute as there can be queues! Students will be notified of a submission deadline via MAP and from here you will be able to print off a cover sheet prior to the submission of your work.

For work to be handed in to the Coursework Submission Office, students will need to:

  • Print off the Submission Cover sheet from MAP and attach it to your work securely.
  • Take it to the Coursework Submission Office where the work will be stamped, then scanned and an email notification will be sent to you confirming receipt.

It is the student’s responsibility to bring the coursework bound and secured for submission. Ensure you have appropriate stationary for submission (folders, stapled, etc), as you can not purchase this from the Coursework Submission Office.