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This page will briefly outline how to access WASS, set up a calendar, set up appointment slots (blocks) and make an appointment.

Please also check the WASS website during use as it has a lot of helpful built-in instructions (wherever you see the “help” or “faq” links in the menu, or a question mark icon).

How to access

Everyone as Aston University has access to WASS by default. You can log in with your regular username and password that you would use for PC or email access. The default log in page is:


Setting up a new calendar

Once logged in, you can create a new calendar on the left menu (“Create Calendar”). This will display the form to create a new calendar. You can edit the title and default details if you wish, but there is enough there by default to create the calendar with no further details. Click the “Save” button to continue.


Setting up appointment blocks

After creating a calendar, you need to specify times in which people can make appointments with you before anyone can use it. You do this by click the menu links “View Calendar” then “Add Blocks”.

You can add a one off block, but the most common type is “Recurring”, which allows you to set up an hour block every Tuesday for example.

Most fields can be left blank or with their default values. The most important fields are displaid in the image below, and show how you could set up a 2 hour window every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm for the next month.

Click “Save” to create the appointment blocks in your calendar. If you have kept the default settings, you will be emailed if someone books an appointment with you. You can also use a calendar feed to view appointments in Outlook.

Screenshot above shows options for a recurring block. “One-Time” blocks do not have an end date.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment, log on to the system and click “Make an appointment” from the menu if the search options are not already on the page.

You should see a heading “Search for a calendar”, and below, three options for finding the calendar to make an appointment with. The easiest way to find a calendar is search for the surname using the “calendar owner’s name” text box, and clicking “Search”.

Click “Make appointment” when you have found the calendar you are looking for. This will display the availability of the person, with blocks of available time highlighted orange. Click these blocks to display a screen seen in the image below. From here, you can click on the desired time, which will display the “Make an Appointment” pop up window. It is here you can confirm the time and reason for the appointment. Click “Save” to make the appointment.