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Aston University IT Services

In 2005, to promote a common experience for all staff and students, Aston University combined the local school based IT support with the Infrastructure Development and Support Group to form a University wide central IT service called Information Systems Aston (ISA).  Inheriting a vast array of aging systems (including 5 separate printing systems), servers and a very broad set of support services, the new department had a huge task ahead in replacing systems, improving processes and working towards that common experience.

Almost 10 years on in 2014; Information Systems Aston rebranded as IT Services, introduced a uniform, restructured the teams, and relocated the IT Helpdesk to the ground floor where it is more accessible and can better support its customers.

Customer Service Charter

Our commitment to you is that we will:

  • Have customer needs at the heart of our service
  • Provide a welcoming and accessible environment
  • Help you to become effective users of IT through the provision of training and enquiry services
  • Train and support our staff to support the needs of our users
  • Gather feedback and use it to develop our provision and services
  • Deal with comments and complaints promptly
  • Continually evaluate our services

In exchange we ask you to:

  • Follow the IT Rules and Regulations
  • Treat our staff with respect
  • Treat Computer labs and other IT property with respect
  • Tell us when something is not working
  • Provide us with your suggestions, to help improve the service

IT Strategy

The Aston University IT Strategy has been prepared in consultation with a large body of academic and support services staff and student representatives. The purpose of the strategy is to ensure a coordinated and coherent approach to the development deployment and support of IT Services.
For further details please see the IT Strategy pages (requires login).

Conditions of use

There are various conditions regarding acceptable use, monitoring, and security which must be adhered to. The IT Rules and Regulations section provides all the relevant information.

Performance Standards

  • Staffed services will be available 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Thursday and to 17:00 on Friday during term time. Reduced open times out of term time are 08:45 to 17:00 Monday to Thursday and to 16:30 on Friday. There are exceptions where the services may be unavailable for whole departmental meetings, however, these will be limited to one per term
  • All new students will have access to an IT familiarisation session
  • Support for printers/copiers will be available on demand during staffed hours
  • Support for computer labs will be available on demand during staffed hours
  • Computer lab and WiFi study spaces will be made available and maintained appropriately
  • All comments and complaints will receive at least an initial response within 2 working days