Aston University Scholarship

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Aston University Scholarship

Our scholarships are based on your academic performance, personal background or household income. Most are not limited by number, so if you’re eligible, you’ll get a scholarship.

Extensive loans for fees (up to £9,250 per year) and living costs (up to £8,430 per year) are also available from the UK government for UK and EU students.

Scholarships at a glance

 Scholarship Name  First Year Placement Year Total
Aston Excellence Scholarship:
Students holding AAB+
 £500 £1250 £1750
Aston Placement Scholarship:
Students taking an unpaid/overseas placement year
 N/A £1250 £1250
Aston Aspire Care Leavers Scholarship
Care leavers.
 £500  £1250 £1750
Aston Aspire Placement Scholarship
Household income up to and including £18,000
 N/A  £1250 £1250

Can’t find what you looking for? You can find out more about your eligibility for a scholarship or ask any questions you may have about funding by getting in touch with the Hub.