Aston University Requirements

Aston University

Aston University Requirements

Entry requirements for all courses are listed on individual course webpages.

UCAS points / tariff
Some Admissions Tutors may use the UCAS points system or ‘tariff’ but we do not normally make offers based just on UCAS points. There will normally be a stipulation of particular grades at A level, BTEC Nationals or other qualifications in the tariff. Where points offers are made they will specify the exact types of qualifications from which the points can be gained, depending on how many units are being taken.

Aston University makes conditional offers to the vast majority of UCAS applicants each year (typically 80%) including those students who are predicted one or two grades lower than our entry requirements. If your predicted and expected grades are close to those stated in Aston’s typical offers and if you are keen on Aston University and the courses we offer we encourage you to apply to us as one of your 5 UCAS choices.

UCAS Tariff information

2015 entry UCAS admissions briefing sheet for UK teachers and advisers

A and AS Levels
Three subjects at A level (A2) in specific subjects are required for entry to many of our degree programmes. We would hope that  most applicants will take at least 4 AS Levels in Year 12.

Achievement at AS Level in Year 12 may be taken into account when making conditional offers but students who do not have AS results will not be disadvantaged.

AS results may be taken into account at confirmation in August 2012. Additional A/AS subjects above the standard 3-4 qualifications may be taken into account when making offers and at results confirmation.

In order to ensure sufficient depth of knowledge and understanding we would normally expect three subjects to be offered at GCE A level (A2). A levels in specific subjects are required for entry to many of our courses. We would hope that most applicants will take 4 AS levels in Year 12.

Applied A levels

A Single Award Applied A level in place of a third A level subject will be considered for all programmes. A relevant Applied A level double award plus one relevant A level will normally be acceptable, except for some programmes in the School of Life & Health Sciences.