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Optometrists are professional clinicians responsible for many aspects of vision care, trained to examine the eyes for optical defects and to detect visual system diseases that may originate in the eye, brain or elsewhere in the body. Their training includes fitting and supplying spectacles, contact lenses and other optical devices.

This course is highly ranked for overall student satisfaction and graduate employability.

A key feature of the Optometry course at Aston is the hands-on clinical experience that you will benefit from throughout all years of your degree. You will use our unique virtual patient simulators help you develop initial clinical skills, and then later encounter real patients in our fully functioning Optometry clinics. You will help to provide patients with a full range of eye care services under the close supervision of our clinical staff, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists and dispensing opticians.

Throughout the programme you will be taught techniques of:

  • General eye examination;
  • Spectacle dispensing;
  • Fitting and aftercare of contact lenses;
  • Paediatric and geriatric optometry.

These skills and additional optometry specialties are integrated in the clinical investigation and management of visual problems.

To broaden your knowledge and practical experience, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of observation sessions in local hospital eye departments, a specialist low vision centre, and the Aston University Day Hospital: Optegra refractive surgery hospital.

The MOptom

Students who achieve good grades at the end of Year 3 (an overall average mark of at least 50%) can choose to continue with further study, leading to an MOptom qualification.

You will undertake the MOptom qualification during the pre-registration period – the period after graduation, when you are in practice and training on the College of Optometrists’ Scheme for Registration.

You will remain enrolled on a full-time basis at Aston University and undertake 6 masters’-level modules, four of which will be “taught” modules and two are coursework modules. Course material is delivered online and tutors can be accessed via email, phone or in person. You will also attend four days of on-campus tutorials, workshops and exams. These module can serve as “Advance Prior Learning” for our Doctorate in Optometry, which can be completed two years after graduation.