Aston University Optometry Interview

Aston University

Aston University Optometry Interview

Tips for screening/telephone interviews

Before the Interview

have all the relevant information to hand, including job and company details

tell anyone you live with that you are expecting a phone call. Ask them to be polite and to take a message if you are not available

make sure that your answerphone/ voicemail message sounds professional in case you miss the initial call

plan to conduct your interview in a quiet area and ensure you pick a good spot for mobile signal if you are not using a landline

During the Interview

avoid distractions… don’t look at or fiddle with your computer or mobile phone

as telephones amplify background noise, switch off the TV/ radio and don’t smoke or eat. Make sure anyone in the house knows not to start shouting to you or speaking loudly near you whilst you’re on the phone

your interviewer will tell you her or his name – make a note of it and use it to make the contact more personal…..but don’t use their first name unless they invite you to do so

keep your answers brief unless the interviewer prompts you for further information

listen carefully for any verbal clues that the interviewer gives you – this will help you to gauge whether they want you to talk a little more or a little less

make notes, if you can, when the interviewer is talking. This could help as, if you need some time to think of an answer to a specific question or you don’t fully understand it, you can repeat the question back to the interviewer to clarify what they want from you

show your interest in the job/ the company by asking some questions at the end of the interview

… and remember to thank your interviewer for their time

Some telephone interviews are automated – if that’s the case, you will probably be given a freephone number, and a PIN number to log in with when you call. During the call, you may be asked to respond to a series of pre-recorded statements – %20tips.html?article%20

Face to Face/One to One Interviews

A face to face or one to one interview involves the job applicant and an interviewer. Although you may be told that this is an informal discussion, it is best to assume that it will