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Aston University Office 365

Aston University has many agreements with software vendors to provide unlimited use of their software; however this only allows installation on University owned devices and this prohibits use on personal devices such as laptops or home computers.

The following lists some of the software in use at the Univeristy and the process to obtain it for use on a personal device.

Antivirus Software

If you are working on a home / personal device and transferring files / documents to the university network then we ask that you have reasonable protection against viruses. For Microsoft Windows users we recommend that you have Microsoft Security Essential installed. This is a free download available from

Microsoft Office Pro Plus and Microsoft Web Apps

Through our educational agreements with Microsoft we are now able to provide you with access to Microsoft Office Pro Plus. This will allow you to use the web versions of our favourite office applications and also to install the full office suite on your Laptop or Desktop device, in fact you can install it on up to 5 devices. You can even install and use the Mobile versions of the applications on your Windows phone, iPhone, Android phone and your Windows RT device.

Details on installing the software on your own computer or laptop can be found here.

OneDrive for Business will soon be added to Office 365 – 1 TB cloud located personal storage.
Important Notes about this addition:

  • Data stored on OneDrive for Business is not stored at Aston University or backed up, and should not be used for Important or Confidential file storage. Aston ITS cannot locate or retrieve lost, deleted or corrupted files from OneDrive for Business. Your OneDrive will be deleted when your Aston account is removed after leaving the university.
  • Adding files to the “Shared with Everyone” folder will make that file accessible by everyone at Aston. Please do not add files to this folder that you do not want to be visible to all other staff and students.
  • The OneDrive for Business sync app that is downloaded from the Office 365 webpage is not compatible with the installed versions of Microsoft Office on University computers. We are working on providing the sync app separately for Aston University installed computers.
MS Office Icons
Office Applications for install on your own compupter (Note : Not all applications are available in Mac Office)

SPSS – Statistics Package

The University agreement only allows the use of the software for academic / teaching purposes and explicitly states that it must not be used for commercial activities, commercial research or NHS business / research. However students can install it on their personal devices for the purposes of studying.