Aston University North Wing

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Aston University North Wing

The North Wing has a total of 12 floors, ground to tenth inclusive with a basement level. It adjoins the Main Building directly. When needing to use elevators, the North Wing is the only place where two elevators face each other across a small lobby area. Only the larger of the two elevators gives access to the basement level.

Please see a map of the Ground Floor for more guidance.

Access to the North Wing (and alternate route into the Main Building)

There are two entrances in to the North Wing, one from Car Park 2 and the other from Car Park 3. The two car parks and the entrances leading in from them are on opposite sides of the building but lead in to the same lobby area.

Entrance Doors

The two entrances are identical with a set of double outer glass doors and a set of double inner glass doors. There are small recess areas between the sets of doors at each entrance. All doors are power assisted, operated by buttons located to the side of the doors. Each pair of doors gives access width of 150cm when opened at the same time but individually give less than 80cm width each. The doors open outwards.

Via the Main Building

A flight of steps separates the ground floor entrance lobby of the North Wing from the North Foyer of the Main Building.

A platform lift is installed on these stairs. It is locked at all times and requires Security permission to use it. A telephone can be found on the reverse side of the stub wall to which the platform lift is built. This telephone calls straight through to Security (0121 359 4803) for assistance.

There is direct level access from Floor 9 of the North Wing to Floor 7 of the Main Building.