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Aston University Medicine

Aston Medical School is the UK’s first medical school to offer an enhanced management and leadership component in their MBChB curriculum. We will train tomorrow’s doctors to meet the increasing demand in the UK and abroad for highly skilled medical practitioners.

Our five year course will enable you to reach the ‘Outcomes for Graduates’ prescribed by the General Medical Council in ‘Promoting Excellence’. On graduation you will be competent and safe to start work as a doctor and have the relevant professional attitudes and behaviours to succeed in your new career.

Our curriculum, developed by Leicester Medical School, is patient-centred. It will help you to develop the core competencies in medicine, gain key teamwork skills and understand the workings of the internationally admired NHS (National Health Service).

It has been designed to equip you with the clinical expertise needed to embark on your foundation doctor years, while encouraging you to develop the caring and compassionate attitude required for developing into a safe practitioner.

Medicine is a demanding course that will test you to the limits of your inner resources and it is important that you have a good support network. You will be allocated a Personal Tutor who can offer feedback and advice on study-related or personal issues. We have a dedicated Student Support Unit to help you with the unique requirements of a medical student. In addition, there are a wide range of university support services which you can access.