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Aston University Kestrel Cam

Kestrels at Aston


What started off as a missing piece of glass in a technician’s study room at Aston University, has since become the nesting place for several generations of kestrels over an estimated 30 year period. Following the renovation of the study room, Estates & Capital Developments and the Aston Campus Wildlife Group have since taken action to help preserve the birds’ habitat.

A state-of-the-art webcam was installed in the nesting place in 2010 enabling staff, students and the public to access a live feed for those wanting to watch the birds. The live feed is available here on the Aston site and the RSPB website. The footage also forms part of the RSPB roadshows.

In 2013, 5 eggs were laid and all chicks successfully fledged, although one did briefly end up in the gents loos after flying through an open window!

Click here to view the laying and hatching dates from 2010 to date.

Working with the RSPB, The Wildlife Trust, and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), all chicks since 2010 have now been ringed for identification purposes  – to monitor their movements and contribute to conservation research .

If you are interested in joining the Aston Campus Wildlife Group please visit  the webpages.

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