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We passionately believe that the development of young people with the right skills and knowledge, for a career in engineering at all levels, is essential for the future economic prosperity of the UK.

Aston University Engineering Academy’s young people will have such skills and knowledge combined with a unique high aspiration and high expectations outlook formed through their relationships with Aston University staff and students and the Academy’s industrial partners.

In order that we as a community develop and achieve our aim of becoming a world class centre of excellence in engineering and science we must continually strive to do the following:

  • Ensure that the young people are at the centre of everything we do
  • Ensure that everyone in the Academy community is empowered to be a learner, a leader and a teacher.
  • Ensure that the Academy ethos of high aspirations, high expectations delivered through a business environment is shared and fulfilled through all students and staff.
  • Support all our young people to develop values, which will equip them for success both in business and engineering and life in general.
  • Deliver a challenging and innovative curriculum that will prepare the young people of the Academy for Higher Education, training and employment and the challenges of the future world economy.
  • Develop learning that is applied and focused on the industrial and business world.

Aston University Engineering Academy is developing exciting links with a number of industrial partners to ensure that the Academy has an industry relevant curriculum.

Our industrial partners, and Aston University staff and students will ensure all AUEA students are exposed to a variety of approaches to learning and teaching. We are passionate about the importance of preparing our students to progress into engineering and science careers.

Working with our partners from industry will open up career opportunities for our young people within these companies.

Why choose to learn engineering and science at Aston University Engineering Academy?

  • Exciting and engaging engineering and science curriculum
  • State of the art building with excellent industry standard facilities
  • 21st century ICT facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Mathematics and science learning which relates to the business and engineering world
  • Fantastic enrichment programme in partnership with Aston University
  • Mentoring for all students
  • Mature, independent and business like environment
  • Excellent progression opportunities into careers in engineering and science
  • Learning and working with key industrial partners to develop employability skills and achieve excellence in engineering and science.

What makes a good engineer?

Good engineers need to:

  • Have a passion for mathematics and science
  • Be motivated and determined to solve problems
  • Have a desire to learn, as technology is always changing
  • Be able to work both individually and in a team
  • Be creative
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be female or male


Aston University Engineering Academy
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